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We offer a range of networking solutions to our clients which is customised to their needs and budget from supplying and setting up network cabinets, installing network cables, installing network points together with wall boxes. Our range of products include, Cisco, 3 Comm, HP, Accton, Mecer, SMC, CNET, Netgear, Billion, Mikrotik, Air+, Netcom, Trendnet, Manhattan & Molex. We supply and fit hubs, switches, cables, routers, wall boxes, cabinets and network interface cards. Our VPN solutions offer customers a cot effective system enabling clients to manage their stores from anywhere in the world. We have managed to create VPN's using local ADSL accounts providing business owners and managers to monitor and control usage of the internet by staff. We have complete remote management solutions setup for our clients.



From inexpensive inkjets to high-end colour lasers, different printers are designed to do different jobs. Our staff will help you make the right choicefor your needs. We supply a wide range of printers including lasers, inkjets, thermal, dot matrix, barcode and reciept printers.


The computer industry continues to experience huge growth, Laptops, Desktops, Networking, Printers and Electronic imaging are just a few of the things that have grown in recent years. Advances in technologies continue to produce cheaper and more powerful computers offering the promise that in the near future, computers or terminals will reside in most, if not all homes, offices and schools. The range and needs of computers is so vast that we will not be able to put alll the computers available, so contact us to give you the best advice and solution for your needs.


Point of Sale

Withh the Revenue Services clamping down on businesses due to tax fraud and evasion, it has come to a point where businesses have realised the need for simple "Point Of Sale" solutions that can track and produce records required by the revenue Services. The Point of Sale systems supported and sold are all industry standard and all carry a full backup. Hardware like barcode scanners, cash drawers, reciept printers ans PC's are all from well respected manufacturers such as Epson, Logic Controls, Symbol, Metrologic,Zebra, Mecer, AOpen, Gigabyte, Manhattan & Partner, the retail POS software is from Positill, Compubyte, Vision and Unipos. By purchasing your computer-based Point of Sale hardware and software from us, we give you a solution that is best suited to your needs as well as your budget and give you the best after sales service possible.


We have a wide range of CCTV products, ranging from on-site security management to remote monitoring and management. The need for CCTV has become a necessity and not a luxury, business owners have realised the importacne of having these systems with all the labour laws in effect and requirements from the labour courts when it comes to staff issues. We have had a number of clients that have recovered the costs of their CCTV systems within a week of installing the systems. theft within the work place is cut down as well as work performance improves once CCTV systems are installed. With the wide range of products and systems available, contact us to give you the best solutions for you needs and budget. We offer once off purchases, rental options as well as full maintenance lease options. Did you know, 90% of CCTV systems installed in businesses are for staff management and not for theft and crime?