inamandla business solution (pty) ltd


Our mission

Inamandla, a Xhosa word meaning "we've got power". this name was chose for its simplicity in saying "we've got powerful business solutions foryou!". we aim at becoming the leading black empowered IT supplier and maintenance company in southern africa by sourcing quality products at reasonable prices, giving a full after sales and support service, building strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers

Company porfile

Inamandla IT was started due to the demand and challenges faced in the IT industry. We have seen the need for a Black Empowered company that will not only focus on the corporate world but also the  "man in the street". Currently the IT industry with its conatant developments and demands seem to be out pricing itself to the working class in this country and the neighbouring states. We have formed strategic partnerships with major IT manufacturers nationally and internationally allowing us to supply IT hardware at affordable prices as well as give a full after sales and backup service for all hardware and software supplied.
We have also found that there is a lack of skills transfer in this country due to job protection. To overcome this problem we are part of a SETA learnership program whereby we contantly train students giving them the vital experience they require to seek employment. We also strive to empower our staff and do in-house training to cross train our staff. The company also has a profit share scheme whereby a share of the profits is distributed amongst the employees. The staff skills include Linex, OpenOffice, Windows, Office, Pastel, Compubyte, Unipos, Remote management tools, OS/2, and hardware repairs to name a few. Inamandla IT provides desktop and server support to a wide variety of clients ranging from doctors, motor vehicle dealers, clothing and hardware retail stores and wholesalers, the banking sector an the insurance industry and the sports sector. Inamandla IT has formed strategic partnerships with various vendors and manufacturers to enable us to supply a wide range of products to our customers at competitive rates. We have strengthened and are continually bettering our relationships with our customers by supplying quality products at competitive rates and giving excellent after sales service.